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Congrats, you've gone freelance! 😱

Speak to anyone who's been at this for a few years and they'll tell you that your first 3-5 projects will be a series of costly lessons learned the hard way.

"Just the inevitable gauntlet of the novice freelancer!"
"Only the strong survive!"
"Gotta earn your stripes!"

The cliches go on and on, but none of them help you learn!

How can I help?

I can empower you to:

  • Win client trust by using language which will resonate with them
  • Line up your proposed solutions with your client's strategic goals
  • Invite clients to openly share their budgets for proper scoping
  • Stop negotiating your rates all while providing more value
  • Win larger engagements through "packaged" offerings
  • Stand out by uncovering problems your client didn't know they had
  • Provide estimates as ranges rather than fixed numbers
  • Identify opportunities to move away from hourly pricing
  • Find strategies for scoping large or vague projects
  • Identify and address red flags early
  • Learn how to deliver your proposal to maximize your chances
  • Ensure your proposal gets to the right person at the right time
  • Learn when to say NO

Who is this for?

Most freelancers stand to gain from developing their proposal-writing strategies, but the greateast return on investment will be for these folks/situations:
  • Brand new to freelancing and not sure what to include
  • Been freelancing for a while but wanting to move away from hourly billing
  • Clients consistently cherry pick through proposals to save money
  • Project feels so big you'd have to invest hours just to write the proposal!
  • A designer getting pushback on time/budget
  • A Developer who's not sure how to write proposal because of unknowns/factors out of their control (using third party software)

How does this work?

  1. We schedule an appointment
    You send me a draft of your proposal for review, and we set a time for a video chat 48 hours later.
  2. I review your proposal
    Before our meeting I will analyze your proposal in order to identify the areas which leave you vulnerable to wasting time, leaving money on the table, and damaging client relations before you send it off.
  3. I give you my feedback and recommendations
    We spend 45 minutes together during which time I will ask you deeper questions about the project you are pitching for, and make recomendations to increase your chances of landing the gig.

    The feedback you get will be useful for future proposals! 💪

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  • 48 hour turn-around
  • 45 minute video chat
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  • 48 hour turn-around
  • 45 minute video chat
  • Fully annotated proposal
  • Recording of our call
$349$289usd Fix My proposal
I still have questions…

Here's what folks have to say…

Gab White, designer & web developer
"Lucas helped me understand my value as a freelance web designer and developer and why I was selling myself short by quoting too low on projects. He gave me thoughtful advice on how to navigate client relationships and helped me see how I could reframe my offerings to add value for my clients."
John Salvino, web developer
"When I got my first freelance project, I wasn’t really sure where to start with it. I reached out to Lucas for some help, and he jumped on a Skype call and walked me though how he would handle it. He was a great help and gave me the confidence to move forward!"
Sarah Lesh, web developer
"Lucas has helped me take my proposals to the next level! His clear, concise and to the point feedback has really helped make my one woman shop seem credible, trustworthy and attractive to prospective clients. He has a way with words that makes me seem uber professional which puts proposals on par with that of larger organization."
Robin Hamill, web developer
"Lucas has been instrumental in improving my proposals by making them clearer and more concise, and closing any language holes which could create confusion for the clients. He offered me actionable advice to improve communication with my clients, which has helped give me the confidence to quote higher without fear of leaving opportunities on the table. This has been invaluable in pushing my business forward as an independent developer."

Frequent Questions

  • Who is this for?

    Anyone relatively new to freelancing who wants to fast-track through the learning curve of writing solid proposals.

  • I'm not 100% new to freelancing. Is this for me?

    If your proposals are consistently landing you the jobs you want with the clients you enjoy, probably not. However if you answer "yes" to many of these questions I can definitely help:

    • Do you struggle with the format of your proposals (never too sure what to include)?
    • Have you been freelancing for a while but wanting to move away from hourly billing?
    • Do your clients often cherry-pick through your proposals in order to save money?
    • Do some of the projects feel so big you'd have to invest hours just to write the proposal without being sure to get the engagement?
    • Are you a designer who frequently gets pushback on time/budget?
  • I'm a developer, will you help me decide which tools and tech to use to get the project?

    Nope. I am a developer so I will definitely be comfortable reading through your proposal. However, I'm here to help you with red flags and notice missed opportunities in order to increase your chances of winning the engagement. I will not be assisting you with project scoping. You got this!

  • Do you guarantee that I will land the job?

    No. There are too many unpredictable factors when it comes to the outcome of a project proposal. However, I can definitely increase your chances and everything you learn for this project will carry-over to future proposals.

  • Can you help me with an RFP?

    No. RFP's suck.

  • At what point in the process should I book a review?

    The sooner the better! In an ideal world you would book your review shortly after your have scoped out the project. This gives you an opportunity to reach out to your client with additional questions. 11th hour proposals stink.

  • How is this different from other freelance courses / packages?

    This is not a pre-packaged one-size-fits-all downloadable PDF. This is a live let's-focus-on-you coaching session to help you win more high-value projects. You don't need one more worksheet or generic 12-step-video tutorial. You need someone to help you write your proposal.

  • Hey, my question isn't listed…

    No problem, shoot me an email!

Lucas Lemonnier

I'm an independent professional, just like you…

My name is Lucas and I am an independent designer/developer and teacher.

I'm probably not so different from you except that I have been at this for roughly 10 years. In the first few years I made countless business errors, all from good faith and lack of experience.

My goal is to help you fast-track that learning curve so you can approach your client relationships and communication with the same confidence and enthusiasm you have for your craft.